I tutor most intro statistics courses that cover descriptive methods, probability, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, correlation, and linear regression. If you have questions about whether I can tutor your specific course email me at or message me here. During our session, we can work on whatever you need help with. I can help with homework, software (Excel, JMP, R/R Studio), review for an exam, or over the lesson in class. My intention is to give you the support you need to understand the material and be able to pass the class.

Here are some of the courses I have tutored in the past:

Colorado State University

  • STAT 201: General Statistics
  • STAT 204: Statistics for Business Students
  • STAT 301: Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • STAT 307: Introduction to Biostatistics
  • STAT 315: Statistics for Engineers and Scientist
  • STAT 341: Statistical Data Analysis 1
  • STAT 420: Probability and Mathematical Statistics 1
  • HDFS 549: Research Methods 1

Metropolitan State University of Denver

  • MTH 1210: Introduction to Statistics

Front Range Community College

  • MAT 135: Introduction to Statistics