Hello my name is Alejandro Ojeda and I offer some of the BEST statistics tutoring! I provide online 1-on-1 private tutoring for most statistics courses. I have 4 years of experience serving students from many different backgrounds and experiences. My mission is to adjust to your style of learning to give you the needed support to pass the class! My experience comes from tutoring stat courses from Colorado State University, Front Range Community College, and University of Northern Colorado. If you have questions on whether I can tutor your current course, please do not hesitate to ask. Reach out to me here! 


These are some of the stat courses I have tutored in the past from Colorado State University:

  • STAT 201: General Statistics
    • Course Description: “Graphs, descriptive statistics, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, correlation and simple regression, tests of association”
  • STAT 204: Statistics for Business Students
    • Course Description:“Statistical methods in business; descriptive methods, simple probability, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, correlation, simple and multiple regression, practical concerns in inference.”
  • STAT 301: Introduction to Statistical Methods
    • Course Description:  Statistical methods in science; descriptive methods, simple probability, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, statistical power, one-way ANOVA, correlation, simple and multiple regression, interaction, practical concerns in inference (e.g. interpreting p-values, publication bias), reading and evaluating statistical results in published papers and popular media.”
  • STAT 315: Statistics for Engineers and Scientist
    • Course Description:“Descriptive statistics, probability theory, random variables, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, ANOVA, simple and multiple regression. R software is utilized for analyzing real world data sets.”

The specific name of the course might be different to your college, but might cover similar topics.

Additional Services

Most stat courses require knowledge of various software to complete assignments. I offer help with the following:

  • R/R Studio
  • Excel
  • JMP
  • TI-84

Reach Out

If you are struggling with your statistics course and need extra support, reach out to me at TheStatsMentor@gmail.com or shoot me a message here.